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Magazine retouching services

In commercial photo retouching no compromises can be accepted, as every little detail is of great importance. Images that are prepared for being published in various fashion magazines, glamour calendars, different advertisements or other print purposes should be not less than just perfect. Just imagine the level of editors` responsibility when he/she starts doing magazine retouching. Retouchers realize that thousands of eyes will see the photo result and on the quality of advanced photo retouching the success of the whole magazine depends. The matter is that the customers pay the first attention on the printed pictures and particular on the cover photo before buying a fashion magazine. Thus, the more alluring the front image will be, the more chances a magazine will have that a person will get this publishing. 

For this reason, High End Beauty Retouching Company has become an essential part of fashion industry. Judging from the level of the working importance, photo editors can be compared with beauty photographers, fashion designers and even professional models. But still we tend to think that these professions cannot be compared at all, as all of them are unique as well as being combined in a powerful team of experts in fashion industry. They are like little parts of an extremely big mechanism, which produces really outstanding fashion result.

Our editing team in the sphere of magazine photo retouching mainly collaborates with professional fashion companies or separate photographers, who realize the real value of high quality images, especially in the industry of magazine retouching. Moreover, among our clients we may name various world-famous press-houses and ad-agencies. All of them demand only quick and high-quality work from our specialists and we are always eager to satisfy their photo demands. 


First of all, High end retouching before after for commercial use differs from ordinary editing due to the deeper level of picture changing. Here the front goal is to make a photo eye-catching, even if sometimes the features of photographed person are improved too much and model`s beauty looks a little bit far from life. But still that is the primary feature of every commercial image, which is made for the numerous audiences. There are two main types of photos, which are often asked to be improved for being published. They are professional models` shots and images in which various celebrities are photographed. For sure both types of pictures have some peculiarities to be noticed while doing advanced retouching. If we touch the sphere of model photo retouching, here the primary task is to underline an original idea which is presented with the help of images. It can be various advertisements, glamour calendars, presenting new fashion collections or different social issues. In this kind of advanced photo retouching, we mainly co-work with fashion photographers, who explain what exactly the final picture should look like. It is no-ending challenging quest which main task is to improve the model so that he/she is perfectly pleasing to the customer`s eye, at least according to the view of the editors or magazine art directors. Moreover, different types of creative editing or glitz pageant photo retouching also take place there, especially when our specialists collaborate with fashion designers or photo makers, who are eager to make the models` photos stand out from the herd and due to their unique features or various fashion retouching services stand in customers` minds for a long time. 



The sphere of celebrity photo retouching is slightly different from professional models` images. Here online retouchers tend to save the natural beauty and unique features of every famous person. But still it is not an easy task.  Nowadays almost everybody is aware of that all cover photos printed in magazines are retouched. And that is why the image editing companies face an extremely difficult task while doing celebrity photo retouching. From one side they have to satisfy demanding celebrities, who have a wish to look exactly perfect and pay attention to every little detail in the image, and from other side, they have to do the shot changing as natural as possible. They know for sure that not a single footprint of advanced retouching has to be visible in final pictures. If the golden balance is ruined, the consequences, both for stars and retouching companies, will be quite unpleasant. But still that is not a story about our editing specialists. For more than 10 years of image improving work we do not have clients, who are disappointed with our magazine retouching. That is why we are always open to demonstrate our brilliant art of picture retouch and impress both permanent and new clients.



Advanced Photo Retouching

Our editing company produces advanced image post-production in the sphere of magazine photo retouching. On each step of picture changing our digital artists tend to choose only the most suitable retouching techniques that will produce a really amazing image. Thus, we are proud of professional portrait retouching services, which contain skin retouching online, eyes editing, adding digital make-up, removing various drawbacks, teeth whitening, darkening and lengthening lashes and making lips fuller. Moreover, retouching hair in Photoshop is also done greatly by our retouching specialists. Adding volume, removing flyaways, digital hair color changing, taming wildness and even creatively hair retouching are not crucial problems any more. Actually the list of changing techniques is so long, as it contains also background editing, body shape improving and various color correction and so on, that it is difficult to be described. All you need to know is that having trusted our photo retouching company your photo works, you will get truly amazing image editing.

However, it does not mean that our photo retouching prices are sky-high. They are quite affordable and reasonable. We do not have the lowest prices, which are able to be found, but still the combination of price and quality is really marvelous. Here you will find the best price for a highly professional picture enhancement.  Our team is experienced enough to provide various kinds of picture improvement. Among possible kinds of photo editing we may name dramatic photo editing, glamour retouching and HDR photo editing. All of them are different, but they are applied really professionally. 




Glitz Pageant Photo Retouching Services

Beauty pageant photo retouching is a bright example of glitz pageant pictures improving, which main task is to enhance model`s images to a certain degree, so that they show off her/his beauty. In pageant retouching the most widely used image changing options are making intensive make-up, adding hair pieces or flippers (if we work with beauty pageant photo retouching for kids), improving ornate clothing or different accessories. The picture in the sphere of pageant retouching is improved to a high degree. The distinguishing option of this kind of editing is to make a photographed person to look like as real-living doll, no matter whether it is a child or adult. 

The photos, improved with the help of beauty pageant photo retouching, can be easily recognized. Thus, the complexion is completely airbrushed smooth, so that the skin looks perfectly clear. The eyes have bright make-up and the eyebrows are vividly drawn and, for sure, filled in. The lips are made glittering. And the whole image after glitz pageant photo retouching looks vividly eye-catching as all colors are improved to be brighter.

Our team usually faces the task of applying pageant retouching for children`s shots. And in this sphere we tend to combine natural editing with glitz pageants. Our gifted and experienced photo improving specialists are able to turn a raw photo into a beautiful glitz image without your necessity to organize a special photo shooting. Among the option, which can be offered to you, we may name giving a porcelain look to a skin, changing backdrop or removing unwanted items, adding various accessories, etc. But still you have to notice that, if your wish is to get glitz photos only, it will much better to make a professional photo session dedicated to this topic only. With doing this you will get necessary pictures from the beginning and the final glitz image outcome will be still more impressive.