Is there a minimum amount of photos for high end retouching?

Definitely no, if you want, you can send as much photos as you need. No matter it’s 20, 10, 5 or just 1 picture.

How much time do you need for editing?

The turnaround time depends on the editing task required.  The photo editing begins when we've accepted the order, photo files, and the instruction to each photograph necessary for the post-production. Generally, the FIRST retouching pictures can be given back in 2 days. During the time we look forward to your response, the timing will be stopped. If you have a deadline, please state it in the order comments. 

Please NOTE: Sunday is our day off.

Are the photos safe?

Absolutely yes. We use encrypted protocols to transfer the photos. Only you and your photo editor have access to your account or to your photos.

I want to have a variation. Can you provide it?

If you need this additional service, just write about it when making your order and tell us about specific comments as detailed as you can.

- We have one more extra service - rush service which allows you to receive the edited photos quicker. 

- Turnaround up to 36 hours + 50% of the order cost 

- Turnaround up to 24 hours + 75% of the order cost

- * please note we are working every day except Sunday

Could I get my files back in PSD with layers?

Of course, you can. This is an extra service which you can choose while submitting the order on the web site. The price is + 100% of the order cost.

How can I place my order?

1. Please register and login.

2. Click  ‘Create Order’

3. Click 'Add files' and then select one or multiple  pictures from your laptop, if the file size does not exceed 50 Mb. Click  ‘Start’ and wait until the pictures are uploaded. Read the answer below, "What should I do if the size of your files is above 50 Mb".

4. Click ‘Continue ' - For each uploaded photo write instructions and general comments to the photo editing service you need. Select the level of post-production.

6. Click ‘Continue ' to confirm the Order Summary. If you have a coupon, enter its number.  

7. Click 'Submit Order' - You can pay with subscription or purchase credits, using a credit card.  

8. Wait 48-72 hours to receive your designs.

* Also in case you want to get more info about our photo restoration prices please don't hesitate to contact us

* If you find it difficult to choose the right level of photo retouching and can't find it in the high end retouching before after examples - contact us to get the quote

What should I do if the file size is above 50 MB?

1. Please register and login. Click ‘Create Order’.

2. Put a mark in the 'My Photos are larger than 50 Mb, I will provide them via Email or Dropbox'

3. Click ‘Continue ' - For each uploaded photo write comments and general comments to the service you need. Select the level of retouch.

4. In the comments provide a link to folder Google drive or Dropbox.  

5. The subsequent steps are the same as in the previous question. 

How do I receive my order?

1. Please Sign in.

2. Click 'My Orders'

3. When we're finished, in 'My Orders' you can see your order with the result and click 'Download Result'.  

4. By clicking on the picture you can see it in the full size, and save.  

What is an Additional photo?
You can use the Additional Photo field if you need to give us more instructions for your main photo(s) editing.  It can be a sample photo describing a style you need, or an additional photo to use for a background change. In this case you do NOT need to pay any credit for the Additional Photo. Please notice, extra photo doesn't mean just the second photo free of charge.
How can I pay for my order?
Our high end photo editing firm uses the PayPal payment processing system.
Do I have to pay for any corrections I may need?
If you feel that your photo editing do not according to your specific requests, there 1 time correction will be made free.
What should I do if my photos are more than 50 MB?
You can upload photos via Dropbox / Google Drive / Wetransfer / Box.
Can I send RAW photos?
Sure, please upload them to Dropbox.
Can I close my account? And how?
Please send us a request from the email address you used while a registration at our website and ask us to close your account. We will close your account and delete all your photos.
Will you claim the copyright to the edited pictures?
No, the client is always the only copyright owner. We do not claim any copyright to derivative edited photos submitted by our customers.
I still have some questions, how can I contact you?
We are always here to help! Please email us via Facebook box at the bottom of the page or contact our consultant via the online chat window you can find in the lower right corner of the page. If we are offline, please leave your message in the chat window, we will receive it and answer you ASAP.