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Commercial Photo Retouching Services

High End Beauty Retouching Company is the organization that has been providing the best commercial retouching services to numerous professional shooters, media and advertisement offices, websites, auto publishing specialists, electronic shops and stores that function not only online, etc. Our company is the leader among those who are able to offer quality advertising retouching services.

Being engaged in commercial photo retouching, professionals of High End Beauty Retouching Team outperform their competitors in boosting the attractiveness of the photographed products and therefore you have much more clients. To achieve profitability in the sphere of business one should perfectly demonstrate products and that is why our task is to make them look better in the pictures by providing photos with modern style and unrivalled quality. Cooperating with High End Beauty Retouching Company you will definitely leave other businessmen who run the same business behind.

Here are some advertising retouching services which are provided by High End Beauty Retouching Company:

The importance of Jewelry retouching services

It should be mentioned that jewelry retouching is quite difficult and has many peculiarities. Jewelry photography editing requires specialized skills and more hard-work in comparison with other editing services. Evidently that jewelry items are very popular with all strata of society and, especially, with women (of all ages!) and thus, jewelry businessmen need to show their products in the most appealing way to have as much buyers as possible. 

So, if you want to improve your jewelry photos, make them more eye-popping and get rid of drawbacks, you should outsource jewellery retouching services. In terms of this kind of commercial retouching, jewelry retouching is essential, since your catalogs become more enchanting and gorgeous and therefore give not only pleasure and enjoyment, but also have subtle influence on your clients – they want to buy more! Being professionals of commercial photo retouching we are always ready to provide you with top jewellery editing and other kinds of advertising retouching.

Jewelry photo retouching is connected also with magazine retouching, because we often may see pictures of jewelry items in popular mags and, of course, we speak about jewellery retouching services, when it comes to glamour retouching as stars and famous people are likely to wear diamonds, different gemstones and precious metals which have to be edited at the highest level as well as their portraits. To retouch jewelry is to give people the opportunity to look even more beautiful and exquisite. 

Besides, jewelry retouching includes such aspects as the adjustment of brightness and contrast, the addition of shining and the creation of realistic shadows, which can be sometimes crucial. The more jewellery shines, the more people want to buy it, as it seems an unrivalled piece. With the help of high end techniques and masters` proficiency pictures become smashing. The difference can be vividly seen if we compare high end retouching before after photo examples. 

Advertising retouching embraces not only jewelry photography retouching, but also product, real estate retouching, photo restoration, portraiture, wedding editing, nude and boudoir retouching, new born and toddler photo editing, fashion image retouching and so on. 


Fashion photography

As it has been said above, successful and well-known people are in the center of the action 24/7 and thus can be seen in magazines, newspapers, billboards and surely they post their shots on a wide range of social nets and other websites. Consequently, their photographs should be the most good-looking, engaging and mesmerizing. Fashion retouching services as well as hdr photo editing are undoubtedly true companions of an assiduous fashion shooter.


Sophisticated retouch artists have to do a rewarding variety of work because commercial photo retouching presupposes lots of various aspects. As for fashion photography, special attention should be payed to professional portrait retouching services. The given services offer thousands of possibilities for people to look more enchanting.

To lure public being on the cover of a mag photographed stars undergo skin retouching online. This kind of service may offer basic retouching (for example, Blur+Grain action or inverted high pass) or advanced level of retouching work (e.g. a method of frequency separation, Dodge&Burn). But however the main task of all these techniques is to elevate the beauty of person`s skin – eliminate defects (get rid of wrinkles, freckles, blemishes, birth marks, small hairs, eyes circles), make it look natural (choose the best appropriate skin tone, fix make up), soften skin, etc. 

One should also keep in mind that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and need sometimes to be edited (as well as nose, lips, cheekbones). It is not necessary to change something radically, but it is advised to fix some minor photo mistakes such as unnecessary shadows because of inappropriate choice of posing, the wrong use of light, etc. Retouchers may change the color of eyes, edit shape of the lips and make them more voluptuous, correct the form of nose and cheekbones. It goes without saying that one shouldn`t forget about retouching hair in photoshop or Lightroom, since hair must have brilliant look. What`s more it is desirable to remember about jewelry retouching, seeing that devil is in details and everything must be perfect. As you can see this type of commercial photo editing is a painstaking, challenging and at the same time creative and pleasant work for true professionals who are devoted to their business. 

Moreover commercial retouching involves model photo retouching which is connected with model shooting. Models should look really perfect in the pictures, so shooters and retouch artists work together in a team to create inestimable set of photographs for people to adore them. But before retouching, hundreds of shots are taken, since the more pictures you have, the more material you are able to work with. 

Dramatic photo editing is the process of adding drama, special style and mood to an image (making it thought-provoking or touching) by exploring professional modern retouching techniques. Dramatic editing is quite creative and captivating – having some dramatic shots you will certainly spice up your photo collection. It is evident that dramatic photos are widely used in the sphere of media, entertainment, advertisement, commercial photography.

Our firm is constantly developing in the working field of commercial retouching – the specialists are sure to be ambitious, highly-qualified, diligent and creative and that is why it is pleasant to cooperate with us. Moreover our photo retouching prices are adequate and the quality of work is the best one.

We are glad to work with you!