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Dramatic photo editing

High end shooters are considered to be highly qualified specialists and can boast their mastery of using the most advanced techniques in creating outstanding photographs. Some of them can be portrait photographers and they are believed to shoot in black and white quite often. High end shooters who specialize in portraiture are likely to highlight distinctive features of a photographed person by playing with contrasts and exploring lighting effects, for example, giving more prominence to hazel or brown eyes on the face with light or freckled skin. Their main task is to give a photo a special sense – they convey their thoughts and in such a way influence the public a lot.

Our High End Beauty Retouching Team of true professionals can make your photographs become more eye-catching and incredible ones by giving a really dramatic atmosphere to them. Your shots may have a dreamy, enigmatic look and provoke emotions you need due to dramatic photo editing. Evidently, it would be more difficult to get such results with the usual greyscale pictures.

High End Beauty Retouchers are always ready to show the top quality of Dramatic photo editing. They want to spice up the photo collection and make it memorable by making images more sad or thought-provoking, as for instance, photographs of elderly people or people who don`t have a home. This effect is very strong and vivid, so sometimes shooters become obsessed with it and use “drama” everywhere. One should keep in mind that drama is like a storm – it can be unbelievably beautiful, but sometimes it may bring damage too. 




Dramatic Black & White

Everybody knows that dramatic black and white photography can sometimes have an extraordinary impact on people. Black and White colors are the essential elements of the artistic soul of a photo. When light and contrast, grit and form are arranged together in the right way they can show you the author`s mood and feelings, which make up a certain life story. 

High end retouching before after can show you a huge difference between color photography and photos in black & white. Besides there exist some tips how to improve your black & white photography.

First of all, use shadows to tell your story. Use light and shades, explore different techniques, add special prominence to the objects and you will give shape to the feeling you want to illustrate photographically. 




For sure you shouldn`t forget about contrast. In color photography contrast is sometimes discouraged, but in black & white it is your good friend. Attach a red filter when shooting black and white dramatic photography and you will increase the contrast. 

One more important tip is flat light, or light which doesn`t have a big range of exposure, which can also make your pictures more dramatic. You should add more black to one or several elements in the photo and in such a way this area will grab the eye. The picture will look very realistic, and people may even not believe that it is a photographed object. With the help of hdr photo editing one may achieve such results too.

Moreover, you can make dark areas go darker in order for the light to be brighter. In this way our mind assumes that if something looks darker, the other elements should certainly appear brighter. When it comes to dramatic landscape photography you may create photos like a kind of three-D, so that people will like not only to look at them, but to touch them too.

It goes without saying that graphics make drama even bigger. Dramatic photo editing enables one to explore vanishing lines to add power and impressive style to your image.

Don`t forget that your black and white should be crystal clear! Otherwise you just get a “dirty” image with grey shades. If you are engaged in commercial photo retouching it is unacceptable, as this kind of photography requires the best way of retouching. 

Filters can be also added to the list of dramatic photo effects. They may change a composition radically – that`s what we need. One may use polarizer or split grad, but it is quite difficult to use them properly. Just practice and you will make the most of the opportunities.

Retouching black & white photos you may use Curves, Level and the Brush. The small subtleties create a more dramatic and gorgeous overall impression – the devil is in details.



Dramatic Portraits

Professional portrait retouching services are extremely important if talking about dramatic portraiture. High end level of retouching is indispensable in magazine retouching or in glamour retouching, so to create portraits of highly professional level one should be competent enough to use high end techniques and up-to-the-minute software and, besides, one has to realize what he or she wants to achieve in each step of dramatic photo editing.

Thus, if we use Photoshop, one should necessary mention a few tools to be used. 

The Patch Tool

This tool can be useful when your goal is to correct some large parts of texture. The tool may be used in two modes –source and destination. When you explore this tool in the source mode you choose the part or the element that needs modification or some changes and after that drag out to find a part or an element of texture you are eager to replace the primary choice with. As for the destination mode, the process is diametrically opposed.

The tool concerns skin retouching online as it helps to remove spots, soften skin or smooth wrinkles.

The Spot Healing Brush

This tool is helpful if you want to fix some smaller areas and get rid of such drawbacks as small hairs, blemishes, freckles or some other minor issues. What`s more, it allows you to work a little bit faster. It can be understood from its name, that this tool is brush-based and, of course, it corrects the elements you want. You don`t replace areas, but work with the brush, and, besides if it is needed you`re always able to select the necessary size and hardness of it. It is also of great help in the process of model photo retouching.

The Healing Brush 

This tool resembles the previous one with the difference in the need of selecting the sample point – the good texture that you need to use. Choose only good texture, otherwise your image will have an inappropriate and unprofessional look. 

Don`t forget about retouching hair in Photoshop, eyes, lips and nose correction, as these elements are essential in drama editing. Thus, the fashion retouching services are sure to help you in the difficult process of dramatic retouching.

Our service of High end beauty retouching is provided by experienced, enthusiastic and conscientious professionals who are always ready to help and make your photos turn into the most beautiful ones. 

We are easy-going and open-minded, can cooperate with you at any time which is convenient. We don`t have high photo retouching prices, but have the highest level of proficiency. So, we are glad to work with you!