About high end photo retouching studio

We’re high end beauty retouching team. What do we actually do? We’re a branch of a famous professional retouching studio FixThePhoto who provide high end photo retouching services, we actually do the same: we provide excellent professional photo retouching services in order for your image to become ideal. Photo retouching services are demanded for many reasons: they make people happy by either making them look on the picture even better, than in the real life, or they help somebody promote or sell some products or services. We provide all possible levels of the digital photo enhancement services. Who do we work with? They are magazines, journals, newspapers, advertising campaigns, we create billboards, displays, posters, etc. We have been involved in the industry of high end retouching very long: twelve+ years. We’re known to the whole planet nor only for our quality, but also for short terms of carrying out this job & also quite reasonable rates.

Even more than simple photo retouching services

Each person is looking for top quality when he or she is seeking the company to collaborate with. Photography retouching makes possible to create an outstanding image from a simple ordinary shot. It’s what professionals do: they use their skills and turn photo retouching into a powerful instrument. Edited wisely, any photo can become a little mystery and give its owner and his or her friends a miraculous feeling of the world’s wonders. To retouch photo online is also a great possibility to save your time and to become a part of a whole new century of technologies and cyber information. When you seek to find your picture ‘awaken’, alive, then you should reach out for our photo studio online and explore all of your possibilities right away. Digital photo retouching is a miracle we as humans can provide. As medicine cures our bodies, online photo retouching service can change your life by changing your aesthetic tastes, your style, your way of behaving, your mimics, your social status, and many other things. Despite a wise expression “never judge a book by its cover”, people notice your face, your skin, your make-up, your clothes. “First you judge how nice, then you judge how wise”. When you wish to underline your high social status, it is very important that you should dress appropriately, behave, etc. And your pictures & avatars on the social networks also play a role. This was only one of the possible reasons why you may find yourself in a need of high end photo retouching. 

We’re not just some retouch photo specialists, but we are artists, painters, designers even. We offer image retouching service as a possibility for you to try and see for yourself how can image retouching change your life, improve your pictures and explore our photo studio online.  Try image retouching services and you will not want to stop turning to our photo retouching studio. We will help you to create everything you want, any idea of yours will be carried out and ameliorated with the help of our retouching services. Besides, our team has several photo shooters in our team and should you wish for it, we’ll be making all of your dreams come true from start to finish.

What we do?  Our high end beauty photo retouching studio does more than just shots editing

It’s not a secret that photography is not just art, but also business. What does our photo studio online do? Everything that is demanded in the modern photography we make possible for everyone: retouching services for professional photographers are to help them with portfolios and their customers, we enhance models’ portfolios, we collaborate with online shops, both printed & online magazines, etc. We can make you a poster, a billboard, a calendar, a cover for a magazine or a newspaper – you name it.

Magazines campaigns

There’re many advertisement in magazines. Health resorts, fashionable clothes, accessories, restaurants, household appliances, everything is mentioned and promoted. What can you order?

First of all, a cover. A beautiful cover, bright or in dilute colors, draws people’s attention and pushes them towards buying it. A quality cover means people want to touch your product and to own it. And we can provide you a great cover with an interesting idea that would attract people. Any impression you want to create we will make in a creative way. Do not miss the chance to impress your clients.

Secondly, photos. Every magazine has many beautiful pictures. We can post process your images and get them ready to be printed in a high quality. Professional retouching services also help with the promotion of the articles as they are made to look desirable and with no flaws.

Third, posters. A big poster with clear details created with outsource editing services with good taste makes people like the magazine even more. We will gladly help you create the perfect poster with a band, an actor, a product, in short – with anything.

Advertising campaigns

There are a lot of possibilities to advertise something in the world full of information. We see ads on TV, hear them on the radio, look at the billboards while driving in the car, look at the posters on the subway, etc. Let alone Internet. So, what does our retouching studio offer?

To start with, there are brochures. They are small, convenient, as you can carry them around in your pocket, they tell all the necessary information about a product or a service briefly.

Then there are calendars. They are good in advertising because they don’t look haunting and intrusive, but still they are quite easy to remember. We can offer different styles, shapes, sizes, and formats for every taste.

Billboards are also important as they allow a huge number of people see your product. They are very effective and we assure its accuracy, clearness & quality.

And finally, slides. You may experience the need of those anytime. They’ll be colorful, with excellent clarity. They will correspond fully to your aims and goals. 

It’s simple with High end beauty retouching.com Choose – pay – receive

So, how do you order our digital retouching services? You register on our website and log in. There you will see a button to create a new order. After clicking it, you just add any amount of pictures you prefer to undergo an outsource photo retouching. Specify general comments connected to the chosen online photo retouching service and all instructions you have for our company, as detailed as possible. Then, select your level of professional photo retouching. Next step for you is to confirm your order summary, to enter a coupon’s number, if you happen to have it, and to click on the button to submit your order. Your credit card will be the most convenient way to pay. Then the only thing left is to wait up to seventy-two hours and receive your photography retouching.

To get more information, check out our blog. Should you experience any difficulties, our high end retouching before after samples will be helpful for you in the process of choosing one of the levels of our team’s photo retouching, and believe us, this retouching studio’s photo retouching prices are also there.

There is a guarantee, that states that you are going to get high end photo retouching. If you didn’t like the result for some reason, write to us your commentaries and suggestions and we will give you the best digital retouching. Our photo retouching studio also guarantees that we do not claim any copyright for your photos after they undergo our photography retouching services.

Our High end photo retouching services. Choose yours

Our range of digital photo retouching services is very wide. We are used to collaborate with amateurs as well as with the professionals. Any digital retouching you need, we will provide, whether it is for your portfolio or for advertising. Our retouching services for professional photographers will impress you with the deep, but natural processing of the model’s skin, hair, body, clothes, background, and so on. We understand that people want to believe, that real beauty exists and that it can be achieved, so we provide photography retouching services carefully and attentively. There are ten main digital retouching services you are free to choose from:

Glamour photo editingGlamour photo editing
High end portrait retouchingHigh end portrait retouching
Fashion retouching servicesFashion retouching services
Skin retouch onlineSkin retouch online
Magazine retouchingMagazine retouching
Photoshop hair retouching Photoshop hair retouching
Advertising retouching Advertising retouching
Dramatic photo editingDramatic photo editing
Model photo retouchingModel photo retouching
Post processing hdrPost processing hdr



All of our outsource editing services are equally good and do not hesitate to choose any of them you like best or even several variants of online photo retouching at the same time. 

Portrait professional retouching

Portrait retouching is one of the professional retouching services, when photo retouchers give your face a nice clean look, natural but beautiful, remove drawbacks from your skin, make your hair elegant, and so on. You cannot retouch photo like a portrait and leave make-up and facial expression untouched. In the end you look fantastic.

Skin and body online photo retouching service

So, we have your picture. You are content with it in general, but you think you could be more attractive. In such case, this is your best choice. Outsource photo editing can make your skin clean, aristocratically pale or summer bronze, and very smooth. Many people also want to be thinner, higher, with more muscles, less thin, etc. And our photo retouchers are able to do all this and you will still look naturally and beautiful.

Fashion digital photo retouching

All fashion shooters and photo editors use fashion photography retouching to work over a model’s appearance and figure flaws, such as skin blemishes removal and body reshaping. This level of post-production is harder to do than basic photo correction, and it is more likely to be used in making extraordinary and unique photographs. Our retouching studio will provide you excellent digital photo enhancement services and raise your stylish photos to a professional high-end level.

Digital photo editing services for magazines

Our High-End Beauty Retouching Team will provide you a wide-ranging choice of high-quality and fashion photos that you’ll need, joining technical brilliance with visual awareness, originality, revolution in magazine photo industry, business expertise and inventiveness. Our professional photo retouchers provide high end photo retouching with many years of active practice in digital photography retouching and will create a work of art from any photo you send us.

Advertising digital photo retouching

The advertising industry is a fast-growing goldmine. If you are a pro photographer and want to pursue a career in this industry, your shots should have an excellent appearance. Our High End Photo Retouching Team provides retouch photo online for companies who are interested in unusual ways to promote their goods or amenities, or for individuals who may be looking for unique image gift ideas.

Glamour retouching

This glamour photo retouching name speaks for itself: a master editor observes closer scrutiny of everything and involves even the smallest components and flaws in the photo. It’s not only about the elementary color correction, and for this reason the high end retouching is more elaborate and is difficult to repeat. The skilled and in-depth image retouching services take a lot of effort and is a very time consuming process. For instance, a particular image editing can last more than 2 hours.

Dramatic retouch

This is a complex of difficult digital photo enhancement services as each shot in this style has to be unique, memorable and incredibly beautiful. We provide our best professional photo retouching services and they usually consume us for the few days because this is hard and very tiring, despite the proud for the creation of a masterpiece. Those pictures often look like someone’s dream or a fairy tale, and it is overwhelming.

HDR image retouching service

Our photo retouching studio manages to give our customers the pictures of the highest quality possible. HDR means high dynamic range. It requires professionalism, skills, and experience, which our company can provide fully. When several shots with various exposure adjustment are blended, the picture becomes a hundred times more inspiring and we are ready to retouch photo online to inspire you.

Hair and Photoshop photo retouching services 

Your hair is a wonderful possibility to underline your personality. But editing hair is a really difficult task. Its color, place, smoothness and other properties influence the viewer’s opinion on the shot, so we usually perform everything in our photo studio online in order to watch carefully whether you look perfect or we can improve your hair in some other way.

Model retouching services 

Modern equipment is certainly good, but human factor is a real thing. So if your photographs are taken professionally, they still need professional photo retouching services. With all unwanted trifles removed and every small detail enhanced, your picture will look a hundred time better. So let us make your photographs more impressive.

Three rules of our professional photo retouching studio

We have three main rules of our professional photo retouching services. They are all equally important for us and our digital photo retouching.

Top quality. Our employees who retouch photo, no matter if they are permanent or is this an outsource photo editing, always put their hearts in the job. Professional retouching is also achieved with the best technical equipment you can find. Let alone the fact that we use the most effective online photo retouching techniques. 

Top speed. If you have very little time, we will adapt and provide digital photo retouching services very quickly. This demands additional fee, though. This is stated in our price list.

Top creativity. We specialize in creation of images that sell and make your customers impressed. Moreover, we retouch photo in our own unique style, and if you see an outstanding picture, chances are high, it were our digital photo enhancement services.

Testimonials about our high end photo retouching services

If you have anything to say, please leave your commentaries, suggestions, and reviews below, because we want to give you the best photography retouching services on the market and your opinion is very important.

High end retouching service review by Sam, New York, USA

Nowadays it’s difficult to perform the photo retouching on your own because of a lack of time. That’s why I tried to find a professional retouching company, and found this process very difficult.  To be on the safe side, I always did the photography retouching myself. But now my clients’ base became bigger and I simply don’t have free time on beauty retouch. I found the guys from High End Beauty Retouching on Facebook several months ago, and can surely recommend their digital photo retouching services.

Magazine retouching services review by Audrey, Ottawa, Canada

You’re the image retouching service I’ve been looking for. These guys really helped me, when I was on the way of opening my business – the brand-new magazine about fishing in Canada “Fish the River”. Honestly speaking, I’ve chosen this company’s outsource photo editing because of the low prices. My project was a start up, and I didn’t have enough money for hiring a personal photo editor. I decided to outsource my shots to High End Beauty Retouching, and I’m fully satisfied with the results.

Advertising photo retouching services review by Catherine, businessman from Sydney, Australia

I have a pub in Sydney, and I wanted to place its photos in the local magazine. The shots photographer made were excellent, but they required some glamour digital retouching to attract more clients to my place. The coolest thing is that my order was ready in 1 day! Your service is the best, and your prices are very acceptable. P.S. I wanted to say “thank you” because you don’t insist on buying photo editing package like image retouching services do.

Glamour online photo retouching service review by Gerold, photographer from London, UK

I received a job in one model agency in London, and was on cloud nine. My boss asked me to create the annual calendar with the best models of the year. Firstly, I had no problems with shooting, poses, and other photography tricks. But I was puzzled with glamour image retouching, I didn’t distinguish basic editing from high end. That’s why I googled “professional retouching services”, and found this company. The attendance turned out to be excellent: it was quick, the staff was open to the communication and the feedback was immediate. Moreover, they explained to me peculiarities of this photo editing level. I have no doubt your outsource photo retouching is worth being introduced to my friends, colleagues and everybody on the Internet.

Advertising digital photo editing services review by Emma, Lugano, Switzerland

I’m a landscape photographer from Switzerland. Recently, I’ve received the order to make the photos of the local attractions for a popular magazine. This was a new work for me, I didn’t have experience with fashion retouching, and used outsource photo editing, namely High End Beauty Retouching Company. Now I understand how real professional photo retouching should look. Thank you again for helping me.

Retouch photo online review by Allister, Liverpool, England

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now. She’s beautiful, smart, intelligent, and I love her. She had a shooting recently, though her photographer didn’t edit the pictures well, so I decided to give her post processed photo as a gift. I googled you and I tried. She was very happy, and so was I. Thank you.

Digital retouching services review by Gina, Bordeaux, France

I’ve been cosplaying since I was thirteen. I am a huge anime fan, but very few understand me. And there are a lot of characters, that demand careful retouch, some of the backgrounds even need to be drawn. I came to the conclusion that these guys are capable of everything, so I look forward to collaborating even more in the future!

High end retouching with our outsource photo retouching studio

Photographers are able to provide any kind of shooting, but not of the digital photography retouching. Why? Because shooters have many orders and too little time to provide high end photo retouching services. So it is better to turn to us for the outsource editing services. Unlike most of the photographers, we will not use some presets on your shots and tell you they are ready, but we will give proper online photo retouching to every single one. We also offer various styles in our digital photo retouching, and even create new ones for you.