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Controversial Advertising Campaigns - They Know How to Surprise

When it comes to advertising products or services, entrepreneurs are always ready to go to great lengths in order for their goods to stand out of the herd, attract more customers and consequently bring in substantial revenues. Check out most controversial ads of all time.

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Which Christmas Photo Editing Effects Use The Best Christmas Magazine Covers

High End Beauty Retouching decided to collect all popular magazine covers, which spread a special and unique atmosphere of Christmas, gifts and candid merriment.

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List of the Best Advertising and Commercial Photographers

Advertising photographers produce images which are supposed to uphold a marketing idea concerning a product or services which clients are eager to promote. Before producing images there’s some work to be done as well. Post production is on the first place.

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Playboy Style Retouching - High End beauty retouching

The photos posted in this magazine are really eye-popping and alluring – they highlight attractive shapes of a beautiful body. Let us touch upon some pivotal moments in the history of this legendary magazine.

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Esquire magazine - extraordinary style of High End photo editing

Today High End Beauty Retouching company observes one of the most popular magazine in the world – Esquire. We will look at the most stunning magazine’s covers of all the time.

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